Scottish Military Museum Edinburgh

Description: Scottish Military Museum is the biggest militr collection in Scotland, that shows the Scottish participation in the wars of the Birih Empire.

Scottish Military Museum Bulinding of the museum
Swords Uniforms from the 18th century
Bren macine-gun Sten machine-pistol
Scottish boardswors Scottish daggers
Scottish small arms for close combat Military tent
Uniforms at the age of the campiagn in Egypt (1880) WW1 Scottish uniforms
Pilot uniforms from WW2 Picture from Scottish infantry
Scottish boardswors WW2 maps and naviagtions toolkit
British uniforms (redcoats) British rifles and muskets
Kilt with daggers Thin red line, at the time of battle of Baklava
Scottish uniform Poster for recruit
Boer cap Drummer
Scottisch WW2 uniforms WW2 poster for recruit
Captured German flag Scottish troops in Egypt
Scottish troops in Waterloo Arms of the special forces (in Scottich training camp)
Arms of the special forces (in Scottich training camp) Captured silvery from Dutchs at battle of Camperdowni
Helmet of Tipu's soldier Picture of sultan Tipu
Parade sword of general Bair, the conqueror of Tipu sultan British unifiorm
British marshall unifiorm British marshall rod
Uniforms of emigant polish army's soldier