The Royal Museum of Army and of Military History (Brüsszel)

Address: Brüsszel, Parc du Cinquantenaire 3 B

Description: A huge collection on military histroy from the birth of Belgium up to the present.

Entrance Swords and armours
Uniforms of belgian rebellions Cannons
Armours Bunker under construction (ww1)
African warrior Gallery of the museum
Belgian colonial uniform German military policeman
Bunker of the Atlanti wall German bunker
German flags Plate of the NSDAP party
Poster of Vallon SS recruit Civil defence unifrom
V-1 Spitfire
Colonial troop from Africa (WW1) Vlaszov's cossack uniform (WW2)
Uniform of the ROA (WW2) Uniforms of other pro-german troops
Cossack uniform (WW2) Arabic unifomr (WW2)
Germans in the mud somewhere in the eastern front German flag
Searchlight on the flak tower in Hamburg Aerial view of a bombed German city
Crossing of a british tank Parachute troops landing
Entrance of a German bunker Inside of the bunker
LST at Normandy Belgian gate at Normandy
Belgian gate in a contemporary photo Obstacles in Normady
Obstacles with mine against gliders Obstacles with mine in the water against ships
Bohemian anti-tank obstacle Belgian uniform
Statue of Hitler Russian hat from the age of the revolution
Uniform of Admiral Kolcsak Militray equipment of Abbesinians
Anti-fire eqipment German helmets from ww1
New-Zelandien uniform (ww1) Serbian uniform (ww1)
Belgian uniform (ww1) Austro-Hungarian uniform (ww1)
Cossack uniform (ww1) Russian uniform (ww1)
French uniform (ww1) Portugese uniform (ww1)
polish uniform (ww1) Egyptien uniform (ww1)
Guns FT-17 tank
FT-17 tank Early anti-aircraft gun
Mark IV (ww1) Mark IV (ww1)
Egyptien uniform (ww1) German uniform (ww1)
Portable armoured shield German fighter (ww1)
German uniform (ww1) Belgian colonial uniform (ww1)
Matilda Tank
ww2 section Jumbo
Hetzer JS-3
Pershing Renault UE 1937
Renault UE 630f Gallery of palnes
Planes Spitfire
Jak-11 T-6
German plane German plane
Gallery of planes Section of German planes
Hispanio Suisa 8A2 Bristol fighter F2B type 17
SAPD XIII Cabin of a former Zeppelin